School Bus

Imagine I am standing at a bus stop in Poland and see my bus coming. What do I do? Nothing. What do I do in Finland? After the bloody ignorantful buses just drove past me, I Wave My Hand. No wave, no way a driver will stop.                                                                 Weird!


Just different schools. Their school rules!

So far I have packed the following inspirations:

  • more trusting less testing

Raised in the culture where one learns only if there is a test, awaking students’ inner drive to learn seems a challenge. Challenge accepted.

  • enough time 

Enough time for students to reflect on a lesson so that they gain a deeper understanding of what is being taught. Enough time to allow them to work out the rules their own way. There is always some coursebook to be finished, material to be covered, knowledge to be delivered this month, this term, this year. No more robbing the present lesson of joy worrying and carrying the load of the future.

  • collaboration 

TEACHERS are no longer assembly line workers but knowledge workers working collaboratively thinking of their classroom as a laboratory for continuous innovation.

STUDENTS work collaboratively to improve team work skills and understand that “together we can achieve more” while a teacher has a chance to talk with each students individually.

My Inner Viking teases ME: Are you not the blind (wo)man from the fable Blind Men & an Elephant?

"Though each was partly in the right, And all were in the wrong."

I AM. I WILL NOT any more.