Viking vibes ♪ ♫ ♬ ♪

2015-08-18 18.57.52

If you do not make mistakes you do not try hard enough.

Making mistakes does not mean you are a failure. It just means you are trying and learning.

This is what I say to my students.

It baffles me how hypocritical people can be. I expect my students to step outside their comfort zones, embrace imperfection and with the greatest of ease I give myself over to self-doubt.

 “Stand up and look around!” whispers my Inner Viking. The sea breeze hits my lungs. The wind blows my worries away. Now I can see the bigger picture.

I choose to grow, I choose to see reflections not self-doubts, I choose to look for solutions to problems not deficiencies in my teaching, I choose to identify problems not blame Myself. I DO CHOOSE the  V I K I N G  V I B E S.